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Care Communities Engagement Sessions

Cheshire West Integrated Care Partnership held an online event on March 18th:

‘Care Communities Engagement Session’

This online session followed up on the first Care Community engagement event held in September 2020 where Cheshire West Integrated Care Partnership (CWICP) introduced the work they are doing across the area with partners as well as speaking about the concept of Care Communities.

The purpose of this event was to further this journey by sharing information around the emerging Care Communities and the Care Community Steering Groups.

There are 9 Care Communities split across Cheshire West and the event focused on the aim to establish Care Community Steering Groups within each one which will be the vehicle to bringing local people together to design, plan and prioritise how everyone can play their part to improve services and improve people lives.

As part of the session, attendees were also asked to go into breakout room sessions to connect to the Care Community relevant to them, the aim of the breakout room sessions was to bring people together in smaller groups in order to have a more detailed ‘kitchen table’ conversation around what is happening in each Care Community. Each breakout room then fed back a summary of their conversations to the main event.

At the session there was a chat box where all attendees could pose questions, thoughts and exchange useful information with each other both within and across communities.

To view the full write up and resource pack from the event which includes the session summary; useful links; the presentation; and the CWICP Five More Healthy Years strategic plan, please click here.

The next Cheshire West Care Community Steering Group Engagement event will take place on 24th June, between 9:00 – 11:00am, so please keep an eye out for an invite nearer the time.

Cheshire West Integrated Care Partnership held an online event on September 24th:

‘Bringing our Communities together, making Care Communities real’

In response to COVID-19 Cheshire West ICP are keen to continue to meet with you and want to build-on relationships and partnerships developed during the pandemic. 

What was it about?

The purpose of the event was to introduce the Care Communities within Cheshire West Integrated Care Partnership – allowing partners and residents see the value in their work and open opportunities for to work together in the communities.

There was a focus on setting the scene, explaining what a Care Community is, tell you about the Community Champions in Cheshire West and explain about the digital profiles being creating on Live Well Cheshire West.

At the webinar there was a question box  where attendees could ask questions and share their thoughts.

To view the full event, click here.

To view Introduction to Care Communities, click here

To view Community Champions, click here.   

To view Live Well, click here

To view the questions and answers from the event, click here.