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Across Cheshire we are seeing an increase in bullying not just in our schools but also in the work place. Research now reveals that one in six children have been bullied at school in the last 12 months while a third of adults have been subject to workplace bullying at some time in their careers. Cheshire Anti-Bullying Commission, founded in May 2019 by the Police and Crime Commissioner, has set out to take a closer look at the issue on behalf of Cheshire residents. The aim was to identify ways individuals and organisations can work more effectively together to support those who have been impacted by bullying, prevent such behaviour in the first place and intervene to address the behaviour of those perpetrating it

There is a series of recommendations for partnerships and organisations including the Police and Crime Commissioner; local authorities, education establishments, Cheshire Constabulary and all organisations in Cheshire.

The ask of all organisations in Cheshire is :

  • To sign Cheshire's Anti-Bullying Charter and publicise their support for the Charter in order to eradicate bullying in our communities.
  • Create a whole institution strategy to support the development of an effective and sustainable Anti-Bullying Policy that is focused on creating a safe and secure environment, encompassing a culture of respect and tolerance. The strategy should have a proactive ethos of prevention, intervention and monitoring. It is clear that spotlighting awareness, problem solving and restorative practises will build empathy and resilience.

As part of its recommendations for phase 1, Cheshire Anti-Bullying Commission has created the first-ever county-wide Anti-Bullying Charter for Cheshire and it is encouraging all, education establishments, workplaces and organisations in Cheshire to sign it to show their commitment to challenging all forms of bullying.