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NHS 111

PRO 13074 NHS 111 D6 3[8]

NHS 111 is much more than a helpline – if you’re worried about an urgent medical concern call 111 to speak to a fully-trained advisor.

Depending on the situation, they can find out which local service can help you, connect you to a nurse, emergency dentist, pharmacist or GP and arrange a face-to-face appointment if they think you need one or they can help you get self-care advice.

In November 2020, NHS 111 First was introduced across Cheshire to encourage people with an urgent - but not serious or life-threatening - medical need to contact NHS 111 before going to A&E.

Where appropriate, the service will book a time slot for attendance at an emergency department or – if appropriate – may book or direct people to an alternative local service such as an urgent treatment centre, GP practice or pharmacy.

This helps to prevent crowding in emergency departments while, at the same time, ensuring people get the right treatment in the right place, first time – and as close to home as possible.

People will still be able to walk into any A&E department. This will not change and nobody who attends an emergency department unannounced needing urgent treatment will be turned away.

However, by contacting NHS 111 first, people will be able to get a timed appointment in an emergency department when they need one, reducing the time they spend in the waiting room and helping to minimise the risk of spreading Coronavirus (Covid-19).

To find out more, watch this October 2020 webinar.

NHS 111 Online

NHS 111 online uses the same clinical algorithms as the 111 phone service, taking you through questions about your symptoms to receive tailored advice on what to do next and where to go. 

You can access NHS 111 online on a smartphone, tablet or computer - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and if needed you will be connected to a nurse, emergency dentist or GP. 

This new way to access NHS 111 provides you with another convenient way to get the right help or advice when you need it. 

Whether over the phone or online, NHS 111 will ensure that you get the right care, from the right person, as quickly as possible. 

So, if you think you need urgent medical help, call NHS 111 or visit ‘Help Us Help You’ know what to do.