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Dr Andrew Wilson

Dr Andrew Wilson, clinical chair of NHS Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group

In the current pandemic children are still being born which is why it’s still important to think about infant health. Weaning is just one part of this. ‘Start for life’ are offering parents support and advice on introducing solid foods to their baby, during what can be a confusing time.

The campaign is informed by a report published by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN). They report that solid foods should begin at 6 months old, however, at the start they should be consumed alongside breast milk or infant milk. By this point their bodies are better able to cope with solid foods and they are more able to feed themselves. They are also better at moving food around their mouth, chewing and swallowing. The last UK Infant Feeding Survey showed that three-quarters of parents had introduced solid foods by the time their baby is five months old. Foods high in iron are especially good. Once you have started to introduce solid foods you can then make the foods more diverse.

The ‘weaning hub’ on the Start4Life website is here to support parents during their weaning journey. Packed with NHS-endorsed advice and tips, plus simple, healthy recipes, it puts everything parents need to know in one place. If you’d like some help and advice on birth during coronavirus please visit:

For expert advice and support on making healthy weaning easy, go to: