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How to get your prescription during the Coronavirus outbreak

Ordering your repeat prescription

It is better for your GP practice if you order your repeat prescription electronically using the NHS App (or another online service such as Patient Access). People who can’t use an electronic method themselves can ask for a family member or trusted friend/neighbour to be nominated to order electronically on their behalf.

Please order when you have a supply of 7 days of your usual medicines left, to give the practice and the pharmacy time to issue the prescription and dispense the items.

When you order your repeat prescription, be aware that practices will only be issuing the usual amount of medicines (usually enough for a month) and at the usual frequency – please don’t ask for more than the usual amount or request your prescription more often.

Getting your repeat prescription to a Pharmacy

Most prescriptions are sent electronically from your GP Practice to a pharmacy for dispensing. You may be asked to nominate the pharmacy you would like to use to support this system. If someone else (e.g. a family member or trusted friend/neighbour) is collecting your prescription for you, you can ask your GP Practice to change to a pharmacy that is more convenient to them.

Some patients may be set up for a system called “repeat dispensing” where your doctor approves several months of items (between 3 and 12 month’s supply) to be dispensed at monthly intervals by your pharmacy. For more information on this click here

Collecting your dispensed items from the pharmacy

Please allow around 5 days from ordering your prescription before attempting to collect your items.

It is helpful if the pharmacy has your mobile number (or a mobile number for the person collecting on your behalf) so they can text you when your prescription is ready.

If you have previously had your medicines delivered by the pharmacy, they should still be delivered as normal.

If you have previously collected your prescription yourself, but are no longer able to do (e.g. you are shielded or self-isolating) please ask your family and friends to collect your medicines for you.

If you don’t have anyone you can ask to collect your prescription please let your pharmacy know, as pharmacies are working very hard to expand their delivery services and they may be able to deliver to you.

If the pharmacy doesn’t have any capacity to deliver to you and you don’t have someone personal to you who can collect your medicines, you can go to the following websites and ask for help;

  • Click here if you live in Cheshire East
  • Click here if you live in Cheshire West