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Publication of the 2020 NHS Staff Survey

Each year NHS staff are invited to take part in the NHS Staff Survey, the largest survey of staff opinion in the UK. It gathers views on staff experience at work around key areas, and includes:

  • Appraisal and development
  • Staff engagement and involvement
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Raising concerns

The NHS has never before experienced a period of time like the past 12 months as all areas of the NHS has dealt with COVID-19. As such, some additional specific questions have been asked in order to give a more in depth understanding of the impact that the pandemic has had on NHS staff.

Taking part in the survey is mandatory for all NHS Trusts but voluntary for other parts of the NHS. However in 2020 for the first time NHS Cheshire CCG took part in the national survey.

You can see the full results for NHS Cheshire CCG here and the full national set of results here:

NHS Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group’s Accountable Officer, Clare Watson, said: "The past year has been a huge challenge for everyone working in the NHS and the determination and dedication of staff working for NHS Cheshire CCG is outstanding and something I am very appreciative of and grateful for.
Our values are at the heart of all we do and the feedback we have heard from our staff via this survey supports that we are collectively and collaboratively living and breathing these throughout our work.

"We have spent time reviewing what the survey tells us and are pleased with the feedback. There are some areas of learning and we are committed to listening to our staff to continue to to grow and develop together.

"COVID-19 has brought many challenges but our staff have shown a huge amount of resilience and adaptability and I am incredibly proud of everyone who is part of NHS Cheshire CCG.

"This focus on support and upholding our values means that we’re genuinely able to deliver our vision and doing all we can to ensure people in Cheshire receive the best health and care.”

Dr Andrew Wilson, Chair of NHS Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group, added: "This survey provides an opportunity to reflect on the journey of great change we have taken over the last two years to become a single strategic commissioner for Cheshire.

"I’d like to pass on my thanks to every member of staff who took the time to complete the survey and to let us know their thoughts. A response rate that is higher than the national average tells me that we have a workforce who is engaged and feels supported to share open and honest feedback.

"These results are essential in providing genuine insight into what it feels like to work for NHS Cheshire CCG and are an excellent platform to move forward from. As with our approach to understanding the experiences of our residents in Cheshire we’ll look at this survey alongside a whole range of other insight to be able to tell an accurate story of our staff.

This range of data and feedback will be brought together to form a robust plan that is shaped by the lived experiences of our staff to enable us to progress the asks and actions of the NHS People Plan."