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You Said We Did

We recognise how important it is for us to be open and transparent about how your comments and feedback are processed and how they help to inform our work, plans and commissioning decisions.

Our You Said, We Did Framework (below), developed following a series of discussions and workshops dedicated to reviewing the approach to patient and public involvement, simply illustrates the many ways feedback is received and how it helps to inform and influence our work.

You Said We Did Framework

You Said We Did examples

A CCG merger needs to show real benefits for the patients/public of Cheshire. It should be done quickly for the benefit of all, including staff, and must shake the system up and offer real change. Source: Public and Stakeholder Engagement exercise re merger of four Cheshire CCGs.

NHS Eastern Cheshire, NHS South Cheshire, NHS Vale Royal and NHS West Cheshire became the first CCGs in Cheshire and Merseyside to merge on April 1st 2020. Supported by Cheshire residents and GPs, the move brought together the planning and buying of health services across the county to give Cheshire a more powerful voice in championing the needs of local people.

People need to be able to better understand the CCG’s work. Source: Feedback from range of forums.

We now develop an annual publication called Our Plan to bring to life the key priorities in our Operational Plan. Our Plan is published on our website with hard copies shared at our AGM and at a wide range of patient forums throughout the year. In addition to our statutory Annual Report, we also publish a user-friendly Annual Report Summary which draws out key highlights from the year.

It is not always possible for people to attend the CCG's meetings in public, such as the Governing Body. Source: Individual patient feedback.

We decided to rotate our monthly Governing Body meetings to venues across Cheshire to support wider engagement. We are also committed to investing in webcasting for our Governing Body meetings to enable more people to access the discussions and decisions and to encourage greater public involvement in the decision-making process.

I would like to know that healthcare decisions will be made according to health need, not post codes. Source: Public and Stakeholder Engagement exercise re merger of four Cheshire CCGs.

The inception of NHS Cheshire CCG on April 1st 2020 presents an opportunity to harmonise the health and care offer across the county. This will ensure that a more consistent health and care offer is available across Cheshire and help support the drive to reduce health inequalities.

Hospital is often not the right place for people who are suffering a mental health crisis. Source: West Cheshire Mental Health Forum

We worked with partner organisations and with people with lived experience of mental ill-health to co-design Chester's first "Crisis Cafe". Number 71 provides early intervention support and treatment for people experiencing a mental health crisis, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

How do we know that the way the CCG engages with patient groups and the public takes account of patient and public input? Source: Feedback from range of forums.

We attended a number of patient groups and forums in early 2020 to invite input in the design of our Engagement and Communications Strategy. We then checked with each group that the draft strategy (due to be ratified by Governing Body in May 2020) reflected their feedback. We also ensure that all input from patient groups and forums is fed into the work of the CCG - as per our You Said We Did Framework.

There needs to be more emphasis on preventing and managing ill-health – particularly for our children. Self care is the first step on a vital journey for improving healthcare in our community. Source: Cheshire Chat engagement events.

We prioritised developing a range of materials and support to enable more people to confidently self care. Cheshire GPs continue to support our efforts to ensure people receive the right self care advice and our work to spread the word via self care champions - young and old - has been regionally and nationally recognised.